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Early Bird Gift and First Video

Early Bird Gift and First Video - Mind's Vision

This is a quick update to reveal a small token of gratitude to those early birds who will help us at that most anxious moment: the first hours of the Infærnum campaign, when the mind will be playing tricks, we will start questioning our life choices, and our fingernails will be utterly destroyed.

During the campaign's initial 48 hours, all physical tier backers will receive a free hand-numbered A5 print with exclusive art by Infærnum's co-creator, Raul Rinaldi. If you order the digital bundle, don't worry; we will add the print to the digital book as an extra with some behind-the-scenes commentaries from the team. We plan to do the same for all prints added as Stretch Goals.

On another note, Ithaquas Bane released today his preview video about his experiences testing Infærnum, and, as usual, it's very funny. For those who don't know, we discovered a few exciting RPGs by watching his channel, and based on that, we ended up releasing The Legacy of Cthulhu and The Vampire - Alone in the Darkness in English. So, in a way, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.

He was one of the first creators we approached to test the English version of the game, and as we said earlier, this is a preview video with his first impressions of the core game experience without going into the supplements. We believe he will do more videos, and we have other creators working on theirs, too, so we will have more coming. FYI, none of them had access to any of the accessories, just to an early version of the translated book, which was missing a lot of graphical details and polish.

That's it for today, but the countdown doesn't stop...

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