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The End (Thank you!)

The End (Thank you!) - Mind's Vision

This is the final step of our campaign, and we are so grateful for your support in this journey. When we decided to start our publisher and move on with The Legacy of Cthulhu as our first title, we thought our previous professional experience would be enough, but we were wrong! We learned a lot of things, made mistakes, hopefully made them right, and ended up delivering a game that we are very proud of. We now have a robust catalog of game releases and are preparing our following crowdfunding campaign, Infaernum, which will open next week.

We will close this campaign later tonight at 10 PM EST, so these are the final hours to get whatever you want from it and still secure all the freebies associated with it.
But before we go, we will leave you with some great news. The first one is the final release of The Vampire - Alone in the Darkness. We updated all files on DriveThruRPG with the new version. Here are the changes:
  • Many graphical changes and more images were added.
  • New York City's scenario was slightly tweaked to add more intrigue and hooks for a future adventure.
  • The whole book received another proofreading pass.
  • The character sheet received minor adjustments (three main stats are now larger to differentiate from the rest).
  • A separate file with the two city maps was added for easier printing.
  • Added a sheet with all tiles for easier printing.
  • A separate file with the character sheet was added for easier printing.
Regarding The Legacy of Cthulhu, we can confirm that our next adventure, tied to The Infaernum of Cthulhu promotion with Infaernum, had the manuscript approved and is approximately 24 pages long. Once finalized, it will be distributed for free via DriveThruRPG to all campaign backers.
On top of this, we are also working on a few supplements that should improve the game experience based on feedback we got from you throughout the campaign. These include:
  • A selection of ~50 premade Survivors, and other NPCs are mentioned in the core book.
  • Campaign examples and objectives for all premade cities from the core book.
  • A new layout of the main Character Sheet with improvements to better track items and time.
We aren't sure yet how we will package these items; regardless of the format, all backers will have access to them via DriveThruRPG.
We wanted to end this campaign on a high note, giving you the things you requested, so we hope we achieved that goal. We plan to support the game for years to come, and these are very important next steps.
Talking about the next steps, a reminder about our next campaign: Infaernum will open on March 25th! If you follow the campaign before it begins, you will also get their own take version of Infaernum of Cthulhua different angle of the premise following the game structure of Infaernum.
If you were a backer of The Legacy of Cthulhu and didn't finalize your pledge until 10 pm EST, please message us at to arrange your shipping details. You have until May 1st. After that date, we will consider these pledges abandoned and turned into donations-which would suck because we want everyone playing the game and spreading the word of the apocalypse of Cthulhu.
Once again, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for your support throughout the campaign and the fantastic feedback we received about the game. Your contributions changed our lives in ways we never thought were possible. Thank you.
Please keep following us on social platforms, our Discord server, or by visiting our website ( to learn about new games, accessories, and supplements. Or maybe just to say hi, as we hope that, while this campaign might be ending, this isn't a goodbye.
See you soon!
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