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The Countdown has begun

The Countdown has begun

Infærnum will open on March 25th at 9 am EST! It's not seven days like the original prophecy, but it's close!

We are still working on a few details, including a few videos, and we will publish a full FAQ before we begin our campaign about many details, including shipping estimates, delivery dates, differences among all tiers, and everything you need to know to get the most value from your pledge. We are also taking the opportunity to reveal the highest tier, which we call The Last Bastion package, that will feature the Digital Bundle, the Collector’s Box, and a kit we call the Divination Set that will feature a custom poker deck, a custom major arcana deck and a set of made-to-order dice with custom faces, including a yes or no oracle die*. We will talk more about all of this in a few days.

This should be a quick and direct campaign; we want full transparency and agility. The digital items will start to be distributed right after the campaign closes and as soon as Gamefound allows us to open the Pledge Manager, which normally takes from 14 to 20 days. We aim to start shipping the physical goods at the beginning of summer, with any digital stretch goals following immediately.

Like any crowdfunding campaign, things might feel a little spammy in the next few weeks, but bear with us while we make some dreams (and apocalypses) come true. It will be worth the dust and the noise.

Download the Gameplay Preview Bundle here.

Click here to join our Discord server.

* specs and artwork are not subject to change. Render for illustration purposes.

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