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3 days to go!

3 days to go!

Our campaign is almost over, but we still have some stretch goals to beat! We are very close to unlocking the Gold Edging to the main book, and right after that, we have a second season of Infaernum, with some additional content that will help you create new adventures.

Infaernum S2
 was inspired by one of Caio Romero's adventures, and it's unlike anything we've done before: a ninja theme! An advanced supplication asks you to investigate what has been killing people in the forest around a sacred temple. This is a 2nd-degree supplication, meaning your character must have leveled up in the cult's hierarchy to complete it.  As a reward for reaching this tier, you unlock a new rule that allows characters to carry more than one relic, these magical artifacts of enormous power.

With S2, you will also get four new premade characters inspired by ninja lore from movies, games, and manga, and a really messed up Colossus- that's going to be an ugly fight!

Like the Gameplay Preview Bundle, the main objective of these Seasons is to introduce new ideas for gameplay and present examples and templates to guide new players on their adventures. They are always accompanied by Caio Romero’s commentary based on his personal game sessions and playtests. It’s exciting content that mixes a peek behind the curtains with much utility and value. If you've been waiting to pull the trigger, this is a great moment to help us hit this goal!

In other news, Itaquas Bane is going deep into his superhero-inspired settig and getting a few pointers from Caio Romero in the comments. If you want to know how Itaquas plays the game, check out the following videos here:

At last (for today), we also have a draft of the cover of the other The Infaernum of Cthulhu supplement, which adds the Infaernum experience to The Legacy of Cthulhu. Once again, our friend and Eisner Award nominee, Arabson Assis, is doing the line art.

We will see you again pretty soon with more news and reveals! Don't forget our campaign ends on April 30th, at noon (EST)!

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