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Pledge Manager Closing Soon

Pledge Manager Closing Soon - Mind's Vision

The closing date has been extended, but it will end soon... plus lots of news!

We initially set to close our Pledge Manager today, March 1st. However, around 3-4% of the original backers are still left to finish their orders, so we will extend the deadline until March 22nd. That date, however, will be final because we need to move on full steam into our next campaign, Infaernum. After that date, you will need to contact us directly to arrange the delivery of your order. After May 1st, we will consider your order abandoned and your original pledge a donation. If, for some reason, what has been delaying you from finalizing your order is the shipping fees, contact us via email ( so we can discuss alternate options -- we have been helping everyone who approaches us politely and constructively to come up with satisfying solutions for all parties.

Speaking about Infaernum, we've added information about the Collector's Edition of the game there (which we call The Dark Prophet package), so if you haven't checked, please do! It will have the same printing quality as The Legacy of Cthulhu and some great accessories. As a backer of The Legacy of Cthulhu, you will also get The Infaernum of Cthulhu and a small discount on that campaign, which we will explain as we get closer to the opening. Your support will mean a lot to us.

About other titles from 101 Games, we should update the PDF version of The Vampire - Alone in the Darkness on DriveThruRPG that you all got from this campaign next week, taking it out from the beta stage. While the game content won't change, this new version will have a revised copy, a few graphical tweaks, and improved descriptions of the city settings with a little more flavor and intrigue. This should match the upcoming retail release of the game, which is currently scheduled for May.
With the conclusion of this campaign and the final release of VAITD, we will also be ready to launch the next game in the series, The Lycanthrope - Blood Curse, which has a tentative date of May as well for the PDF and a Q3 for the physical retail version. We understand some fans have been asking for individual Collector's Editions of these books, but since these are shorter and share similar tiles, we aren't sure if that's the best way forward. We have some other ideas about making things more interesting, and we will ask your opinions in future polls in our Discord channel and via email.

The overall vision is to be able to integrate all games into a huge sandbox universe that spans centuries and realities, with the capability to mix and match tables, tiles, subsystems (like horde attacks and shelters, and others yet to be released like territory and army management), and story tropes in the craziest ways possible -- apart from Cthulhu and classic monsters, we also have a complete fantasy-based game (originally inspired by the works of Robert E. Howard) and J.M. Pimentel and Bruno Sathler have been working on other different settings as well. :)

Lastly, we are working on a few other small guided adventures to keep supporting The Legacy of Cthulhu and on a generic license to allow our players to design and distribute their creations based on the game's engine. If you want to collaborate or discuss with fellow players, please join our Discord group -- it's a little quiet for now, but we know it will get busy pretty soon. :)
Thank you again for your support!
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