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Collector's Edition Revealed!

Collector's Edition Revealed!

It’s time to unveil our Collector’s Edition, which we've been calling internally The Dark Prophet box. This is a very special product for us and is the whole reason behind this campaign. Final dimensions, materials, and certain details are still being defined, but we wanted to give more details about how each element works. We are preparing more content to explain in more detail certain elements, but let’s break down the components.

The Dark Prophet box will pack two versions of the main Infærnum book: the deluxe hardcover edition and an exclusive OSR-inspired version called the Old School Version, featuring a black and white, text-focused design and regular tables so it is easier to read and consult.

Instead of a traditional GM screen, we wanted something unique, so we created THREE different boards:
  • The Dice Board is a simple square board with a reference chart, so you can use regular D6 to check the results quickly.
  • The Pentacle Board (with tokens) can be used together with the supplemental rules “The Infærnal Pentagram” included in the book to make combat more tactical. By using the tokens and the vertices of the star, you can better visualize your enemies and allies during confrontations, determining ranged and melee attacks, and having more options with your rolls.
  • The Infaernal Visions board is Infærnum’s equivalent to an Ouija board, and it’s the ultimate representation of faith…or fate? Instead of choosing what happens in your narrative, you will leave everything to the energy of the board, which is filled with a selection of verbs and nouns; based on where your dice fall, you will get the commands that will direct the actions and happenings of each scene. Are you prepared?
The package also includes a pad with 15-20 character sheets and three other erasable charts from optional supplements built into the game. Differently from our other games, these sheets are black and white not only to evoke the old-school feel but to make it easier to draw and make notes on them:
  • Rifts: you create basically a gauntlet of challenges, and you must take notes on what’s happening and how deep you will go. Together with the supplement “Lord of Dread” and others, you are able to generate dungeon challenges with many twists and foes.
  • Colossus: if your type of apocalypse involves giant monsters, this is the chart you will use to fight them! You will also need a regular deck of playing cards to define the monster’s powers and other details.
  • Territories: you get to map your whole world, either randomly placing monsters, rifts, horsemen, or even a colossus. You can also draw and paint your tiles before starting your session. 
Finally, the package will also have The Key bookmark, which is a simple tool that can be used by any player at any time to interrupt the narrative if they feel things are getting too dark or uncomfortable – an immediate turn of events is mandatory at this point, with no explanations required. While this might seem a superfluous addition initially, don’t underestimate how hard it can be for someone to truly express feelings of fear or discomfort, especially in a group environment. Despite its dark themes and attitude, Infærnum is a game whose main purpose is to make people have fun. The turn of the Key can also add a surprising depth to your narrative, even when everyone is ok with how things are going.

In the upcoming weeks, we will dig a little deeper into the supplements, the game’s backstory, accessories, and much more.

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