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Less than 12 hours to the end!

Less than 12 hours to the end!

Thank you so much for your support so far!

We had a little bit of miscommunication with Gamefound, and, in some instances, we said the campaign was set to end at noon when, in reality, it is scheduled to end at midnight (EST) tonight! So we still have a few hours left!

We unlocked the Stretch Goal for Gold Edging, so we only have one remaining: Season 2! It isn't as close as we hoped, so if you are still on the fence, now is your chance to contribute to reaching that goal and unlocking another free piece of content for your game!

We would also like to share the epic finale of Itaquas Bane's campaign. He has been playing with a very early version of our translation and did an amazing job with it. Please give him a sub if you enjoyed his work; he's always finding great indie RPGs to play and share with the world.

Nobody achieves anything alone (unless they are playing Solo RPGs!), so we would like to thank Itaquas Bane, as well a lot of other great people like Cezar Capacle, Diogo Nogueira, Dave Thaumavore, Marcelo Collar, Arabson Assis, J.M. Pimentel, Beckett Warren and Exalted Funeral, Jason Walters and Indie Press Revolution, Linda Codega and the team at Rascals, Egg Embry at EN World, Studio 2 Publishing, and many others for the assistance in promoting this campaign or giving support in other ways. Of course, we also would like to thank you for supporting our campaign and helping bringing to life our apocalyptic nightmare. It means a lot to us!

After the campaign closes tonight, we will have a little break from updates on the campaign page, but we will still be available to reply any comments or messages at any time. You can also reach us at; previous campaign backers know the way! The Pledge Manager will open sometime mid-May, to start setting the stage for the delivery of the digital goods. Stay tuned!


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