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All files are complete!

All files are complete!

We've been diligently (and silently) fine-tuning the material for the printer, and we're thrilled to share that it's all complete! The final piece of the puzzle was the Old School version, a 'pure' text version of the game that's not only easier to print at home but also offers a unique, nostalgic feeling of a fanzine of old. We're now awaiting the proofs from the factory for any final adjustments.

That means that once the campaign closes, everything will be ready to go, so our production schedule is on track to be delivered on time as planned and advertised during our pre-campaign. With that in mind, we will start distributing the digital files by late May.

There are only eight days to go, and we are a little behind on our projections for stretch goals. So this is a gentle reminder that we have two of them on the line: one is the Gold Edging for the book version, and the next is a free Season 2 supplement!

As another reminder, if you are interested in the Last Bastion tier with the Divination Set, please don't wait too long. This exclusive set of cards and dice is limited to just 250 units, and once the campaign ends, we don't plan to reprint it.

We will return soon with more details about Season 2, another artwork preview, and other bits.

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