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A diceless narrative game about multiverses and multitudes

NOMADS Unbound

NOMADS Unbound is a modern fantasy narrative tabletop game set in infinite worlds. In it, players take on the roles of Nomads, people who have the ability to find and traverse the rifts in the veil that separates universes. Differently from other narrative games or RPGs, which normally require a narrator or ‘dungeon master,’ the responsibility of creating the story is shared among all players by using a fast decision-making system with poker cards. Additionally, the game requires no prior preparation, and you can start playing within minutes with a new group and new characters or by continuing a campaign.

The nomads are people with the ability to traverse these universes through portals called Glasses. Players can use this power to reassess the truths of the unfolding story—Is the door really locked in this new universe? Is the enemy truly armed?—and in combat, to check if the conditions in the new universe are the same as in the previous one. It is perfectly possible, for example, for players to pass through a portal and emerge in a universe where their enemies are at a significant disadvantage!

In addition to Glasses are the Medusae, large-scale portals that take characters to other Macroverses—new sets of infinite parallel universes. These realities can be represented in countless ways. Do the players want a medieval fantasy adventure? No problem. Do they want a futuristic or post-apocalyptic story? That’s possible, too. The Unreal embraces all. NOMADS Unbound features a system for map exploration and universe creation. Want to become a Captain Kirk of the Unreal, jumping from universe to universe, exploring the unknown? It’s possible.

In NOMADS Unbound, character creation is a unique process that focuses on traits rather than numbers. For instance, a character might be an 'intelligent police officer who knows how to shoot.' From there, it’s up to the players to use logic and interpretation to assess the character's chances of performing various actions. This approach to character creation not only makes the game more intuitive but also encourages players to think strategically and creatively.

In addition to basic traits, characters can also acquire Talents. These Talents interact with the story, giving characters advantages such as great strength, agility, or the ability to better understand creatures from other realities, including the fearsome Hollow Spawns, monsters that exist in the dead spaces between each reality.

Characters are further complemented by a wide range of equipment: weapons, items, and armor from different realities. A robust creation system can generate over 25,000 combinations, from magical weapons to amulets, rings, and many exotic surprises.

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Doomed Soul is an introductory story set in the Nomads Unbound universe. The rules presented here are highly simplified, with fewer tables, fewer combat possibilities, and a more linear narrative to understand how the system works. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

In this journey, you will not just observe but actively participate as a character on a pilgrimage through an apocalyptic universe. It’s a story meant to be played alone. You take on the role of the wanderer, narrating your actions, asking the system questions to reveal more information about the environment, and gradually discovering more details about the world. There will be action, suspense, survival, useful equipment to collect, and enemies to combat, but there will also be allies and, perhaps, some hope at the end of the Long Road.

No preparation is necessary to start playing; you only need a sheet of paper, a regular deck of cards, including two jokers, a pencil, and an eraser.