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The Infærnum of Cthulhu

The Infærnum of Cthulhu - Mind's Vision

We’re thrilled to announce The Infærnum of Cthulhu project, a collaboration between The Legacy of Cthulhu and Infærnum authors! 

Caio Romero, co-creator of Infærnum, will craft the Red Version, adapting the apocalyptic events of The Legacy of Cthulhu into the Infærnum system. Meanwhile, J.M. Pimentel, co-creator of The Legacy of Cthulhu, will write the green version, bringing the narrative structure of Infærnum into the world of the Great Old Ones.

And the best part? Infærnum backers will get the Red Version, and Cthulhu backers will get the Green Version for free! Stay tuned for more details.

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