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Pledge Manager Open!

Pledge Manager Open!

Our Pledge Manager is now open, offering you a convenient way to finalize your order. Simply enter your shipping information and pay the shipping fee. Once this is done, your part is complete, and you can sit back and await your delivery, which will be tailored to each product as detailed in the original campaign.

As promised, we're right on schedule. The digital files are almost set for distribution and we’re ironing out a few details with DriveThruRPG to ensure smooth delivery set for May 24th. This is why it’s crucial for everyone, even those who only ordered the digital bundle (The Cyfaernum Bundle), to complete the Pledge Manager phase to ensure they got the right email address to get the redemption information.

If you are outside the US and feel the shipping fee doesn’t match our advertised chart during the campaign, please let us know via, and we will make the adjustments. The possible combinations of shipping and items are rather complex, and it’s possible we made a mistake while adding all the details from the matrix. Please have some patience during this time as we are normally bombarded with requests and questions during the opening windows of the Pledge Manager phase. 

Please also remember that, according to our original terms from the campaign, there are no cancellations at this point. Consider all sales final.

The Pledge Manager should be open for at least June 14th.

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