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Pasiones Y Traiciones

Pasiones Y Traiciones

There is a unique world where someone can go from "No quiero vivir sin ti" (I don't want to live without you) to "Te voy a matar" (I'm going to kill you) in less than a minute. And no, we are not talking about marriage (or maybe we are, in a way).

Pasiones y Traiciones is a mini Solo RPG that lets you create your own Soap Opera. Create your Telenovela and guide your struggling protagonist to happiness! 

Rosa Maria got married to Jacinto without knowing he was, in fact, Jacinto’s evil twin brother, Ernesto. He ran away with Lucía and stole Rosa Maria’s money but got hit by a truck during his getaway and went into a deep coma.

Too much drama? Not if you are in the world of Mexican Telenovelas, the most fantastic soap operas in the world. In this quick and witty Solo RPG, you get to write your script full of twists and turns, just like on TV.

Pasiones Y Traiciones is available on Kindle and DriveThruRPG!

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