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Next Stretch Goal: Infaernum Season 1

Next Stretch Goal: Infaernum Season 1 - Mind's Vision

We have already unlocked our second Stretch Goal, so it’s time to talk a little more about the next one, Infaernum Season 1. As we briefly mentioned before, these seasons are digital content updates that will be given away for free to all of our backers.

Each new season will bring one or more supplications. Think of these as investigative quests with multiple steps and a powerful boss at the end, meant to be one-shot play sessions. After successfully completing the supplication, your characters can ascend in the cult's hierarchy and unlock relics, which are powerful items. Additionally, the seasons have comments from the authors and may include examples of characters, NPCs, and enemies used in the playtest sessions that inspired the content.

For Infaernum S1, you can expect:
  • Brief introduction and how to rise in the cult’s hierarchy.
  • 3 new supplications.4 new relics, some with powerful effects, including the ability to reduce a doom every time you complete a new supplication.
  • A new enemy.
  • A new Colossus.
  • 3 premade characters: a Dwarf Miner capable of drilling anything (including asteroids; hey! The apocalypse can come from space!), a once-agile Luchador who can now turn his skin into steel and is encumbered by the weight of his junk, and a seductive Bard who accidentally became the herald of an extremely aggressive ancient deity. 
Like the Gameplay Preview Bundle, the main objective of these Seasons is to introduce new ideas for gameplay and present examples and templates to guide new players on their adventures. They are always accompanied by Caio Romero’s commentary based on his personal game sessions and playtests. It’s exciting content that mixes a peek behind the curtains with much utility and value. And we are very close to unlocking this Stretch Goal! We need your help to finalize it!

Season 1 will have brand new artwork from Mind’s Vision collaborator and Eisner Award nominee Arabson Assis. He is also responsible for the final cover of the supplement The Infaernum of Cthulhu, which is a free digital gift for all backers. Here’s an initial draft of the artwork; we hope to share the final version pretty soon:

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