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Infærnum samples are in!

Infærnum samples are in! - Mind's Vision

We've made significant progress in producing our game and are excited to share some production samples with you! While most of the content has been locked and in production for a while, we are still experimenting with the materials of a few components, like the tokens and the boards. Most importantly, the main box design: the Dark Priest image didn't get a good definition with the foil/UV applied, so we are trying a few alternate images to see if they work better. Please let us know what you think!
Please remember that these are production samples. These have imperfections and wear and tear from handling, testing, and different material applications. The final copies will be even better and, of course, will arrive in pristine condition!
For those who have already downloaded the digital bundles, please pay attention to the notifications. In the upcoming days, we will be ready to deploy a few more components, like Mörkinfaernum and print-and-play board designs.

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